Answers to the Psychology Test – Part III

This is the Third part of the Answers to the Psychology Test.  If you haven’t taken it, you can find it here.

This part of the Test contains two questions:

6. You see a house some distance away, describe it as precisely as you can.

7. What do you do?

A House represent a sense of security, family, home.  Although one assumes that this is the most important aspect of life, it may not be for you.

The description of the house is vital. Modern home?  Old derelict?  Something that needs work or brand new? Is it a common house? Is it special in some way?

How it appears to you is the answer to how you feel about those aspects of your life. This is very significant, because it exposes your subconscious feelings towards everything meant by ‘home’

The second question is, when you see the house, do you approach it?

For some, the key they found unlocks the door and they go in.   Others  may peek in the window and continue their journey.


These two questions will give you a real insight into what is your foundation.

What do you think?

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