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Answers to the Psychology Test – 2

If you have not taken the Test, it is a good idea to do it before reading the answers. To get the benefit you must take the time to envision each question in depth and give a full answer talking from your imagination.

Question 2 + 3

The symbolism of a Key is knowledge and the question focuses on how you view the acquisition of education.

What does the key look like?

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Does it look like the ones you have in your pocket? Is it ornate, made out of precious metal?

If there is something special about the key, that is a clear indication that you prize education.

If the key is mundane, like a house key, dirty, old…(everything counts here…yeah, it is a Psyche Test) that exposes your view of education.

Do you pick up the key? If you see it and quickly grab it up…or if you kick it with your foot…

you don’t see the use of education or knowledge as leading to success.

Question Four + Five

Your values

If the chest is ornate and is opened by the key you previously found and reveals gold coins, clearly you believe education is a treasure.

If there’s nothing in the chest or rubbish, you have a far darker view of the use of knowledge.

If the chest is some common old thing, or if you ignore it, if the key doesn’t open the chest, or if you didn’t pick up the key… you see a whole different world view coming to the fore here.

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What the chest looks like, what is inside reveals a great deal about your attitude towards success.

Some people see education as leading to success, others don’t. How do you see it?

(You understand why visualisation is important…)

I’ll pause here giving you a chance to go back or more deeply envision.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. i saw that it opened the door to a fancy castle. but its ornate design also looked french, maybe french royalty. i also noticed spade design and zionism symbolism.

  2. Knowledge seems to be the key to everything Jaylar! Actually knowledge is the key to understanding more. If we don’t know something then we can always ask someone who’s more educated on the topic etc…