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If only animals could talk! – Introducing Louis

Never underestimate a budgie! They have completely different personalities but each one is charming in it’s own way.

I will never understand why they start chirping when you turn the kettle on for a cup of tea.

Louis goes with us on holiday in New Zealand. He is an excellent back seat driver.

Louis comments on Warwick’s painting.

Who knows what he thinks. He does let you know eventually.

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Louis appreciates books of learning

Oh! What a pity he doesn't know how to read!

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Recent view of Louis.

Always happy to have a chat.

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Recent photo of Louis

Like us, a bit under the summer weather of humidity. 75% humidity day and night. we do get some rain and then it's hot & sticky again. 

No he can't talk in language but only in his own budgie lingo!

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  1. I had Pete when I was a child. He went everywhere on my shoulder. He only went in the cage to roost on his own, as the door was always open when we were at home. He could say, clean your room, shut the door, and Hello. My mom taught him the first two. lol

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