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The Adventures Of Bella Rose and Garfield

It’s been awhile since I posted about Bella Rose, and Garfield, they are growing so much and coming into their own personalities. Garfield is a little love bug, his favorite things to do are cuddle purr, and play and of course eat Lol! He is of course our long haired orange tabby.

Garfield loves to be cuddled, but isn’t as adventurous as his sister Lol!

Bella Rose is of course our little Dilute Calico, the only girl in the liter, but that doesn’t affect her much, she can definitely hold her own lol.

She definitely is cute and knows it lol, but she’s getting to let you hold her more, at first she wanted none of it, but now she’ll just climb into my arms and pose for a Selfie lol.

And she is determined to get out that window lol.  Actually she was watching Little Miss play.

Until next time Bella Rose and Garfield say take care, and don’t forget the treats Lol!

Bella Rose, Garfield and there human “Michelle”!


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  1. I love hearing about people and their pets. My Sophie when she wants something from me she will climb up on my lap and want her pets. If she does not get enough of them she will either climb down or bite me. If she bites me then I will tell her she cannot come up on me the rest of the day.


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