“You Could Send Me Flowers”

These words were a gift from Love in every way. I am human – and every now – and then my emotional side in soul needs to experience the touch of Love. I asked my secret Love to show himself in some way. I asked for forgiveness in my request; knowing the spirit of Love is always with me, but I needed to feel the Power of Love strongly.

Three days before my birthday I prayed – and stayed in a meditative state of mind to receive my Love’s answer quietly. I closed my eyes to sleep; with this request resting in my soul repeating the words, “I need to know, forgive me.” The third day I received a call from a close – and dear friend delivering a message from a dream vision for me.


There was a grand theatre, dark – and filled with an audience. A woman stoutly built walked up on the stage out of the audience. The lighting was soft – and low. The woman began to sing in a soulful metro soprano voice. As she sang; the lights on the stage slowly brightened. She sang the words; “You Could Send Me Flowers.” When she finished singing this melodic song; the audience sat in solemn quietness. A voice came through in the vision-dream – and gave the receiver instructions. “This song is not intended for you, but to be given to Francine.”

The message was given to me that morning. The following day I received flowers, twelve roses; four red roses, four yellow roses – and four white roses. I knew then I was heard – and had to produce a video of the Love message given in song. Now, I needed music to complement the lyrics – and was guided to listen to Vangelis’ album “Oceanic.” I listened to each song meditatively – and was guided to use “Spanish Harbour.” Lyrics, visual – and sound synchronized – and harmonized in a dance.

“Never be afraid to ask Love to present itself to you. True Love understands the emotional needs of the flesh – and spirit. There is no crime or sin to ask.” – FCSH

“You Could Send Me Flowers” by Francine C. Still Hicks – The Me I Never Was/TMINW Productions ©2017


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    • Thank You, Hamza! My wish is for everyone to understand; “Ask Love in your quiet and sincere moments, and your request will be heard.” Be true to yourself and you will receive the greatest message in life; “True Love!”
      In Truth….