York Poquoson Sheriff Deputy risks his life to rescue a fire home victim

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York-Poquoson Master Deputy Ben Howlett was at the right place at the right time on Saturday afternoon when he received an emergency call from a concerned citizen of a house that was on fire in the Dare area of York County on Saturday afternoon.

Even though the local firefighters were also called to attend the burning home on Saturday afternoon, Officer Howlett was the first person who arrived at the burning home in a period of six minutes.

When Officer Howlett arrived at the burning home, he was expecting to see the homeowner outside of the home.

For some unknown reason, the female homeowner did not leave the burning home since she was busy trying to save her material things instead of fleeing the home that was on fire.

Officer Howlett then risked his life to go inside the smoke filled home and rescue the female homeowner from suffering a fate that could have ended her life as well as Officer Howlett.

After both Officer Howlett and the female homeowner went outside the burned home, the medical personnel arrived as well as the local firefighters to attend to the needs of both persons.

The female homeowner was taken to a local hospital to be treated her injuries. It appears that Officer Howlett is okay since it is evident that he was not taken to a local hospital.

York-Poquoson County Sheriff J. D. “Danny” Diggs praised Officer Howlett for his act of bravery to rescue the female homeowner since if Officer Howlett had arrived one minute later, the fate of the female homeowner could have been fatal.


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  1. I think it’s important for people to have their family photo albums where they can grab them on their way out the door and to only worry about those in an instance like this. Old family photos are about the only thing that we can’t replace besides human life… Any other material things fall to the wayside in instances like this. Don’t put yourself and OTHERS in harm’s way in order to save some junk! Kudos to Officer Howlett for being a man doing his job in this world.

    • Very few people would enter a burning home. The attitude of most people who work in the professions like firefighters and lifeguards is they have a job to do and they roll the dice with their lives to either save a person who is trouble or die trying.