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I said I wouldn’t come back here. I did because I missed many of my friends and someone sent me a message asking about my brother. He is still in ICU. He is getting kind of grumpy. My sister says if the staff can’t get their mind made up I am going to have to visit her in jail!

She just called with an emergency question, and Carol was talking about funny stories. I thought it might kind of fit. Mark has not been dealing well with the food and he hasn’t been keeping his medication down. (That’s a problem.)

He was trying to tell my sister what he needed so perhaps his medicine down. (He wants to come home.)I guess they had been trying for at least 20 minutes. I didn’t have any idea why they were calling.) My sister said “What’s  your fridge?”


“No, Bro says they are little things.”

‘Maybe the little ice cream singles in the freezer?”

“No” he yells, doesn’t she know what a fridge is?”

I yelled, “I can hear you.”

I ran upstairs to see what I had put in his fridge. I said “ask him if it’s pudding?”

I can hear him yell,” yes pudding, that’s the right word, but not just any pudding the pudding that you get for me that I like.”

“I buy one pack of every flavor and you eat them all. I am not sure what kind you really like.”

“Well, could you please make one of every kind and put little fruit on them and sneak them into me?” 

I said, “I will do my best to make sure you get some as soon as the doctor says it’s all good.”

He turned to my sister and said. “She doesn’t understand anything. She thinks the doctor wants jello.” Then the phone hung up.

I think I will have some key lime pudding and be grateful I am not down at the hospital with them.


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Written by Ghostwriter


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