Yellow Butterflies Fluttering Outside My Window

Friday, August 25, 2017

I woke up at noon because I slept late last night, and I feed Gumby before eating my brunch. Then, I made a French Press espresso cup. When I poured my espresso into my mug, I noticed the time was 1:11 pm. While sitting on the couch, sipping my espresso and meditating, I glance out the slide door window at the bright sunshine outside and I noticed two or three yellow butterflies fluttering by, next to a tree branch hanging over my backyard from the next door neighbor’s yard. The tree branches and leaves were also fluttering softly, hither and thither, that this scene looked beautiful and promising. This scene just gave me some positive hope.

I finished my coffee and decided to go on the internet. I suddenly realized that I forgot to take out the trash last night, and it is now too late.

I googled the symbolism for yellow butterfly, and I noticed it has to do with hope and guidance. Since I noticed more than one yellow butterfly fluttering a tree branch with the soft breeze and bright August sunshine, I am wondering if I have more than one angels around me, offering their guidance with God.

The color yellow, by itself, means happiness, optimistic, positivity, warmth, and sunshine, although it could mean caution and jaundice. But I follow the positive symbolism of the butterfly because butterflies are pretty, often giving life to spring flowers for a new beginning in springtime. That is one reason I like driving my yellow New Beetle, which is my yellow insect on wheels that looks like happiness, strength, and optimism.

I decided to also google “butterfly” for its symbolism, although I knew that butterfly means change and transformation, which is why the Illuminati uses Monarch Butterfly for their Mk-Ultra mind control Monarch Project programming.  A butterfly can also mean resurrection, endurance, change, hope, and life as well as celebrations, weddings, and one’s own personal journey.

I clicked on another butterfly symbolism link, and it adds that butterfly symbolizes transcendence. This site also offered a Spiritual message for this week, which has to do with following your own heart. I will Presley Love’s quote: “Follow your own bliss, follow your own path, beat your own drum, follow what lights you up, follow what makes you sing, follow what makes you soar, follow what brings you happiness, follow the dreams that speak to your soul…follow your own heart.”

The biblical mean is in 2 Corinthians 5:17, which has to do with the transformation from caterpillar to a butterfly. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”


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