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Yawning ~What Does it Look Like?

So  I think if you read my posts I got a little interested at looking at some pictures of “yawning”. In fact, I  I spent several hours looking into yawning. This post isn’t about all the information that I found, it’s about some of the interesting “yawning” pictures that I found.  It made me smile so it might make someone here smile.  Or you may just give it all a bored yawn!

So very tired of laying in the sun!

A female lion might just yawn like this! It's no a roar but a yawn!

Just too tired to care!

Sorry, but sometimes you just can't even cover your mouth. There you are standing just as you are require and a yawn sneaks out!

One tired exhibit

It's not easy being an exhibit at the zoo. Sometimes it is just plain hard to stay awake and be cute. This meerkat has just about had enough. 

Guinea Pig Yawn

"It is not easy being a pet. Children expect you to perform and entertain at a moments notice!"

I hear you.

"Yes of course I am listening. I hear every word. My eyes are closed and my mouth is open and quiet. I can hear you!"

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