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What's the Fear?

It feels like there are many today. I really can’t imagine being on this earth without my brother. He is my rock. He is so irritating and he’s right, I will miss the fact that my shoes are not tied or duct-taped together. Somehow I need to find some immediate ways to deal with right now.  There is a circle of life and it has to happen.  I just want to go first. I don’t want to be here without him.

I love this song. Probably because it was filmed in some of my favorite places. None of them are in Montana, but some of them would fit right in there.  Somehow I know I have to plan for a day in the future, and right now I can’t even plan for the next five minutes.

He keeps yelling at me to just stop crying. I hide. I try not to let him see. Since one eye is completely swollen shot it’s hard to hide. When he needs me to be the strongest all I can feel is fear. I am not helping. I hope you like the song anyway. there an answer?


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