What’s In A Name?

Before anyone one responds that I have a horrible name and they can fix it, read the post. My name is Trenna. It is pronounced with a short e. It would rhyme with Jenna. I love my name. It defines me. With that being said it is not always an easy name to carry.

I work in a job where I talk to people all day on the phone. Many of them talk to me every day and done so for years. I would really like them to get my name right! After reminding them for about two years I give up and still cringe when they call me Trena, Turner, Theresa or some other name they may assign.

My brothers teased me about the name when I was younger. Because I am the baby of the family the baby book was never really finished. They didn’t have a baby picture of me so they used my cousins. When I was old enough to read they showed me the name on the back of the picture and told me my parents “found” me and brought me home and there was a not with that crazy name.  My siblings all have very common names.

So when someone has a name you don’t recognize, take some time and learn how to pronounce it. “We” odd named people would really appreciate it.

The golden key to reaching us is using our name!

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