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What a mess I have created

Hello Friends & visitors, I have been working on getting a post out to you all, but I have this mess that has haunted me to get cleaned up I’m one that can’t stand clutter, I’ve been putting it off for awhile. ?

NO this isn’t my place it’s a pixabay photo ha ha ha BUT it’s not far from what I have going on here at my place, that’s cause I am rearranging my place & good LORD have I got a MESS. ? I had all my craft stuff in one area & it just got out of hand &my bed area in another area so I just decided it’s time to do something to give me a better craft place to work to work in. Once I started moving stuff around where I could get things in order & now I have stuff EVERYWHERE & it’s gonna take the act of God to get it all back in order again like I want. ?

So being I have this mess going on in here like I have going on it will take me a few days to get it back in order so that means I may not be on here as much as I have been but I will show up. If it wasn’t raining & be raining for the next few days I’d throw it all out side & do it that way BUT I’ll get through it 1 way or another no matter what it takes & how much time  & pain I go through. Once it’s all back in order & in place I will be happy & breath again cause with the way things are right now it’s driving me crazy so you all wish me luck & I’ll be back here soon. Thank you for your time here & your comments & prayers that I get this mess back in order & back in place again I’ll try & get it done & get a photo on what it looks like.


What do you think?


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    • thank you I hear ya, with the way my feet hurt last night it killed
      me to get what sleep I got last night that I had to take me a nap
      this afternoon & I crashed for like 5 hrs & then when I got up I went
      back at it again but I had to stop cause walking on a CEMENT floor
      kills my feet no matter what shoes I wear so it’s gonna take me
      some time to get it all back like I need it to be it’s gonna take time.

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