Warning: Be Watchful

 I wanted to write about being watchful when out and about. Something happened to my mom yesterday that could have proved fatal. I will not say where she was at, but someone approached her begging for help The person states she needed money.  Long story short after a length stay with this person she left. She said her legs did not want to move she was so scared.  Thank God mom got away.

One time something similar happen to me. I was on the metro-link and some man come up to me and my sister begging for money.  He wanted to visit a sick person. We were scared and gave them 3 dollars each. What if we would not have given him the money?  I think we made the better choice.

Just use your better judgement. If you feel safer giving them a few dollars then do it. This man may have been telling the truth, but you never know.

My mom did not report it!

Just be safe when out and about

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Written by LaJenna

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