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Trip to the Mailbox ~ Wishes

This post will make a whole lot more sense if you read and then this one. If you decide to keep following this adventure I will include wishes in the title and you will know how it’s going.

I headed to the mailbox. The grandsons had called to let me know we had to check and see that they had done.

I was quite impressed. They had made some flyers. It had the picture of 1000 beans. They had drawn a picture of the four of us. 

“We are making 100 wishes we can grant with time and kindness. Then we only have 900 more wishes that we can work with and you can do it too. The next page gave me a full heart.  They started their lists.

1. I wish my brother could hear Poppa laugh. Poppa is their other grandfather who passed away. I read it to my husband and he said: “That is really sad, but I know who we can do that.”

Then I remembered what he was talking about. He was at the wedding where they were trying to teach the grandpas a dance and there was a lot of laughing. I called our tech guy and he is now making certain that every family member gets a copy of that.

I don’t want my grandkids to think that every wish can happen. This is how I responded to their idea. “Well, I am not sure if we can do something like that, I will check. Maybe each of you could write down a time you laughed with Poppa and draw a picture.

I am anxious to see what they write back. 

We are going to call and talk about things as well, but we need to reading and writing to help with doing schoolwork that doesn’t feel like schoolwork. Writing and reading basics are very important to me.


What do you think?


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    • Humm, how to get started making wishes? How to get started helping one another? I am guessing the next big thing would be to do something as a group. I am not sure what you are saying or asking, but it is a thing in our family now, you will love what the boys have done.

      • i am sure I will. I posted a longer version of what i started with my wife for people to start using. The Wish List Challenge!

        people are actually asking me about it (that is what I meant by it is becoming a thing)

        you have a brilliant idea!

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