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Tough Roughy

Well, you can tell by the first verse I was noodling around with another vile bio but, Knots in Medusas’ locks!, it drifted asea wildly…

“Don’t let those big grins and hypnotic fin spins trip you to slip in the drink.

I’ve kept my opinions to wit free dominions in dribblin’s I been scribblin’ in ink.

Serving no porpoise, unsure where I’ve surfaced, errant in current and sync,

observing and nervous to offer more worthless, versed content to make humans think.


We shouldn’t banish the love we could brandish, it’s stifling the bullying bunch.

Man, woman or fish are all of the same wish for life, family, freedom and lunch.

For the love of love! A hug’s far above brute slugs or a word written punch

but when stuff comes to shove I can unplug the gloves and do ugly toward giving a hunch…

When one “hates” that or this, it summons the abyss and next, brothers, maybe Mother and Dad.

If used, makes ALL miss what’s really human bliss and reflects another sad or other world bad.

I’d suggest “just love less”, lest one lusts of the stress, and protest, love is the best humans’ had

yet, jest as a senseless, anonymous catfish, autonomous, anomalous and glad.” >-=^;>

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Written by Beada Beada

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  1. I stand on love
    standing upright in the bones of love
    breathe the air of love
    singing a love song
    for hearing only the whispers of love
    for I only see it in everything
    lick sweet love
    which always wraps the touch
    while hate is only the Himalayas
    who want to be recognized
    and stress is deep ocean compression
    who waiting to be dived.

    • You might not believe how many have sent fish. Some, as above, their own art! Many quite remarkable. Quite flattering, really. The female b&w and the yellow are from a friend AND customer in N.Z. Tamsin de Lange. I cannot draw, paint nor take pics, except for my 80’s flip phone with 2, count ’em 2 megapixels. so I write n’ sling bling…
      Thanks, shiny lure, I’ll be biting at your toes soon, I’m a litle frightened at the crowd in my fishbowl. Did I give something away? Grins, as ever, extra wide an to a side.

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