Time for the Tough Decision

So I came back this morning and noticed that it was Doc or no comments at all. It’s quite telling. So much for creating a big bang. I can’t do it alone and there just are not enough people willing to converse the way I see it.  I don’t mind staying until the end, and the way I handle commenting will definitely change.  I will respond and do my part. I will stop by once a day and do what is there and I will do that every day I can. I have not decided whether I am going to keep sharing posts. 

I have really enjoyed my time here and coming back each day to few or no comments on many posts have made me reconsider the time and effort. You can send me a pm with your details if you want to stay in touch.  I will do some writing over on the lot, at least there are pennies there and that is better than little conversation here.

I have always believed you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I think my time here lately has been the primary part of the problem. My content must not be interesting and the comments simply aren’t coming. I will make an effort to try and stop by every day.

I do miss what it once was.


What do you think?


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      • you write so beautifully, sometimes your examination of the pain in your life simply is amazing prose that helps those that read it.

        your funny and wild posts bring so much to the community!

        so, i would also be very curious to see you on the other side of the pain you are in now!

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