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Thumper, What Did Your Father Tell You?


Sometimes you just need a little advice from a kid’s show. They make it easy to understand. It’s practical and not offensive. It’s cute and it’s a gentle reminder. 

Why do I need to hear it today? Well, I am trying to work and get things done so I have the door closed. There is a sign that says “working will be available after 12:00.” I thought that was clear. It was not. They just kept coming in and interrupting. 

This is now playing through the speakers in the house. I think they left with a friend for a drive. Thank goodness.

Oh the stress level must key down.


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  1. I am lucky that way I have peace and quiet all day long even with the cats around. As Doc says in his comment that Amazon shows Thumper massage units perhaps a massage unit can relieve some tension when you feel bothered.

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