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Anyone NOT getting a tiny shiver horror, running down their spines while watching this video, doesn’t have one!

 I could carry on writing dozens of words in an attempt at describing my total disgust and shame, at the scenes shown in this video but nothing I write will come withing a thousand miles of what these graphics will show you.

In English there is a collective noun to describe homo-sapiens, we call a bunch of them HUMAN-KIND 

After witnessing this, atrocity, which as you will hear in the dialogue with the store’s staff, is just one, of many other outlets of this vile company, spread across America, who have now decided, they have done enough and have stopped giving to the needy and homeless, soup kitchens and thrift stores, but will forthwith rather send their produce to yet another bloody land-fill site! 

I am certain the creator of the word used in the latter part of the noun, IE. KIND, intended to imply “type” rather than its referral to a gesture of compassion.

 In my language, Afrikaans, the collective noun for the same bunch of rats is exceedingly more honest, as it recognizes man’s inhumanity to man, for what we are: MENS-DOM, directly translates to: STUPID MAN

Had I been living there, I would find out who they are and will make sure I use any legal means at my disposal to stop them! 

We cry out:”Oh lord, we implore you, please help us, don’t punish us visiting your disasters upon our heads! 

Time to take a stand fellow human, It is some time now that I have shared how I do my meager bit for those so desperately in need. Do you know how many children and aged people who are going to bed with an empty stomach, tonight? I have been this close to death, myself through thirst, and also through hunger, so I’m not apologizing for this rant. 

Hit me with your words of wise ethics, and suggestions of literary composure and conduct, but do so after watching this video, or just keep quiet in stead. We will all Hang By The Tongue.  


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