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Dreaming about Shoes

Someone I know recently dreamt about shoes. I thought that sounded silly so I decided to look it up. Here is the link to understanding more about dreaming about shoes. 

Information about dreaming about shoes found here.   The changing of shoes can mean maybe a change in jobs or a relationship. Could be a change in attitude toward something or someone. Wearing shoes could mean well-grounded and down to earth while wearing no shoes could mean poverty, carefree, or the feel of security issues.

Read the link information to further understanding about dreaming about shoes.




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Written by LaJenna

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    • Yes, dreams can be a reflection of our past. I have had dreams that have warned me about a future event. i heeded a warning from the dream, and my life was saved. Dreams can mean so many thing. Thank you Gil!

  1. Interesting. Thank you for the information. I always enjoy finding out what dreams could mean. I have never dreamt about shoes or at least I do not remember that I have. You have presented an interesting thing here. I have certain dreams which I have written down because I remember them so well and dreams that have come and gone and I never thought about the fact if I had or did not have shoes on in my dreams. Just think about that. Do you know in your dreams or do you see if you have your shoes on or off?

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