The Killing of Me – part 13

I slept nine hours and awoke feeling empty.

I tried to get in touch with Kelly, but his phone went to voice mail. I left a message.

I went out to shop and tried to act normal. Tried to act as if Kelly would be coming home tonight. I tried to put my failure with Owen out of my mind.

What had I been thinking?

Why had I demanded to foster a stranger and lose Kelly? How had I done that?

It made no sense. Was I so stubborn, did I need to have my own way? How could I have done that.

It was past six in the evening when Kelly called.

Before I could say more than hello he burst;  “I got the job! I won’t be coming back.”

I said, “Do you want me to come?”

I heard him take a breath;  then;  “No, Eve, you stay there. You stay there, I’ll stay here. We go our separate ways.”

“Owen is not here anymore, Kelly, I gave him back.”

“Taking him, returning him, hat was your choice. It has nothing to do with me. We’re over Eve. This is Good bye.”

No! No! I shouted… but he had already disconnected.


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Written by jaylar

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