The Killing of Me – Part 11

I tried everything I could think of to pacify Owen. Nothing worked. I had to go shopping, but Owen didn’t want to come. When I tried to force him, he punched me in the face.

I needed help, I called Kelly, but he didn’t answer his phone. I called the office where he worked and was told that he was out of town.

At first I thought; oh the coward has run away…Then I recalled the senior position at the head office.

I remembered how we vaguely talked about the new city but as the senior position was uncertain, there were other candidates, and Kelly didn’t ‘campaign’,  it hadn’t been in the front of my mind.

As I stood holding the phone, Owen was smashing something, I grabbed him, tried to calm him, then, finally admitting failure,  called Child Services, and although it was painful, I couldn’t do otherwise.

This was a seriously disturbed child and I had no ability to manage him.

A child who had shown more than hints of this, yet I, in my stubborn demands, had ignored them.


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Written by jaylar

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