The Hardest Holiday of All


Today I can write because many paid the price, so I could share my thoughts and feelings uncensored. I can live where I can and do stand up for people who believe very differently than I do, because I can.  Someone paid that price of us. I don’t know their names and yet I feel their spirits. It is a time to be quiet and listen to the things that our ancestors whisper. 

My native relatives fought against the creation of this country. I understand. Do you?

It is not be your story. You have a right to be proud and honor your country in any way you wish.


What do you think?


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  1. It always concerns me when a nation gains its freedom at the expense of the freedom of others. Freedom is certainly not free if it leads to the destruction of those who could not resist the force of the invaders – this is true of the Palestinians, whose tragedy began in 1948 and continues to this day, and it also true of the United States, which was created through a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing towards the native people of the continent.

    Having said that, I do not claim that my own country is guiltless – the creation of the British Empire was every bit as despicable as that of any other throughout history. I certainly do not take pride in our colonialist past.

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