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Freedom to choose

Why is it so hard to choose? Even when great things are ahead, it’s still not easy.

Here, imagine that you are choosing a new house – there are two, both wonderful, beautifully furnished, only different: one of modern minimalism, with a wide panorama of the city, and the other – romantic, like a fairy tale castle, through the windows you can see the forest, it is calm, quiet, only birds sing, a hare run over the lawn.

Both houses are right for you, but you can only choose one – which one?You no longer fall asleep at night, because this is such an important decision: if you choose the panorama of the city, you will no longer have the peace of the forest, and if you settle in a fairy tale castle – you will have to drive too far to the city, loneliness and silence may become boring with a time…

Whatever you choose, you will still regret it.Every choice is always a loss of something: when you turn one way, you will lose another and you will not see the miracles waiting there.

That is why we are so eagerly waiting for a sign from heaven – for it to decide for us, and then we will be able to comfort ourselves – “well, there was nothing I could do, it was destined.”

But how hard when there is no sign from heaven!Heaven doesn’t care about our troubles, it says, “you have been given freedom.”A big, expensive gift.A big, heavy burden.

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  1. Perhaps difficulties making a choice is often a sign that we are not seeing the best choice, for when we do see the best choice, we always know that it is far better for us, than which any other choice is.

    We know from seeing the hidden love in the choice to benefit all, not just our self.

  2. Yes, I often feel as a child in the sweet shop with Mum saying, “Well, hurry up! You can only have one!”
    Yet, Mum was often indecisive, and to be honest I could not stand indecisiveness, I am a decisive person..Yes, it is hard, but I have had to live with discipline and have had to make some hard choices..some have been wrong but if you go with your gut feeling. you are usually right.
    Just don’t linger over it..If at all possible, and if you don’t know anything about what you decide then get an expert opinion..


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