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Jim Jordan Slams The Rino's And Democrats

He is clearly upset at the way congress is handling affairs of state since the breaching of the Capitol, since they, (congress) are supposed to serve their constituents and not the other way around and he feels that there is a lot of malice between conservatives and democrats, making it hard to believe that above any differences they may have they are supposed to be Americans, first and foremost. They are all part of the greatest country in the history of the world, the same nation, who, in the space of one generation went from a spindly-rickety contraption which flew less than 200 feet to breaking the sound-barrier 20 years later and walking on the moon a mere 40 years later, in short, they had achieved all of this in 60 years, yet now that same remarkably resilient nation are attacking each other like rabid dogs trying to each other’s throats out…

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