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The Day Was Not Like The Other Days

Our days in life cannot be erased from the past. These days that made us living for a reason. It could be failure or success. But still, we continued to live and trying to survive. Some people tried to pull us down and enjoyed seeing our sufferings from the mistakes of others. We, as humans cannot be easily bent down. The trials and errors in life remained to be the best tool in combating the nibblers. These nibblers work uncontrollably because of frustrations in life. That’s the reason why they tried to destroy others’lives to cover up their weaknesses.


Our life will not only depend on the past days but face the days ahead of us. It is a matter of balancing our lives and trying to look forward to a new beginning. That is a cycle of life. It can never be changed the past but we can change the future. The failures or mistakes are the starting point to change and ready to face the obstacles along the pathway to success. We can forget the past and we can build a new one in the future.


We are alive to fulfill the things God wanted us to see. We suffer because God wants us to learn. Life is not like a bed of roses. It always comes to be a warrior to fight temptations that might pull us down in the long run. Some people tried to deceive us because they thought we are weak. Through the years of existence, we were able to surpass the difficulties in life. It is the blueprint of the past that we can able to overturn and be a better person.


Our day today is not like the other days. It is the part of knowing how to live with a sense of fear of God and wanting to improve one’s life. It might be a failure today, but it can better tomorrow.


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Written by Shavkat

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