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The Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter “J” is for Jewelry

Jewelry comes in all kinds of shapes, forms and sizes.  You can wear it on your arm, finger, around your neck, in your ears and even on your head.  A couple exchanges wedding rings when married.  Jewelry also marks other special occasions in life, such as graduations or clubs.

Jewelry serves as a status symbol for some and I don’t mean just for women.  Some people think that the bigger diamond in their engagement or wedding rings puts them at the top of the status pole.  I don’t think God judges us by the size of our jewels or the amount that we have.

I used to wear jewelry a lot.  Now I think about being stalked or robbed before I put on any jewelry.  The crime in our world today is at an all time high.  I would hate to be jumped and have someone harm me just to steal my jewelry.  Instead I only wear jewelry for special occasions now.

With that being said, what is your take on jewelry?  Do you like to wear a lot of jewelry?  Do you consider jewelry a status symbol?

Photo Credit:  Pixabay, public domain


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Written by Karen Gros


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