Taupe Bird House Candle Holder

I think this candle is called a Taupe. Is this correct? . I hope you enjoy the photos about myTaupe birdhouse candle holder. 

The top

The top of this candle holder starts out with a pretty floral design.

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4 points

Looks so perfectly designed

This is the top of this candle holder. Like it?

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Birdie likes it up high

My one daughter got this for my mom one year for Christmas, and she loves it.

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The 3 little Birdies because one is the loneliest number

The 3 little birdies just make this candle holder look like I want one for my home.

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  1. Does anyone know what the name of this candle is? Not the Tee-Candle, the part above it that melts due to the Tee-Candle heating it. It is called a tourpe type of candle. I know I am spelling it wrong. Does anyone know?

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