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Sure as Soon As All are Removed

I was hoping the tone would be positive and wonderful. Thanks so much for all of you who participated and did your very best to keep things positive. It was nice to see such a big effort.

I am going to make one statement on embedded posts and then I am not going to speak about it again. When all the posts where authors have embedded their own posts (kind of like a series) remove them from the site, then it could be agreed not to do it. 

I think what my Mom used to say was not very politically correct and still, it makes a good point, “put up or shut up” it what she would say to us when we were doing one thing and saying another.  So if those are truly hurting the site, I will happily watch all those who have their own posts embedded, ask the admins to remove them, and when they are gone we can all respectfully keep on keeping on. We could agree not to do anything that will hurt the site.

I go back to Chicken Little. If you believe it to be harmful, be the example and remove them. I am certain then other reasonable people would follow.

As for yesterday, thanks to those who participate. I lost another family member yesterday and I didn’t spend much time here.  

Disclaimer: Unless mentioned by name there is no real or inference, referring to anyone on this site, real or fictional.


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