Stupid – 5

When Jack and Hallie resumed their relationship, Brian took a breath. He felt free and lucky and asif he got the ‘Go!’ to ask Ashley to move in with him.

But then, he began to mull.

Would Ashley even have looked at him if she could have had Jack? If there was never a Hallie and a Jack would that mean there would have been a Jack and Ashley?

Was Ashley dating him because she couldn’t have Jack?

No matter what he tried to do to distract, it kept churning over and over again. All Brian could think about was Ashley and Jack.

He’d be watching television sitting  beside Ashley, and look at her. She’d turn, questioning, and he’d look away. Ashley would ask what? And he would distract or deviate.

She’d be talking and he would look at her, scrutinizing. She’s ask him what?  And he’d distract or deviate.

It began to creep Ashley out.  And she  began to seriously wonder if Brian was normal.

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Written by jaylar

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