Staying Home and Waiting…

Friday, 3.20.20

I woke around 10am and took out the trash. Then, I decided to call the gym to see if they are still open during this mess. I got an answer machine recording stating that they will be temporarily closed for I don’t know how long. So, I made breakfast and fed Gumby, wondering how long this will last. I don’t think anyone in Irvine got CoronaVirus. But I have a feeling this all has to do with martial law, and they might start martial law soon. I remember on Facebook a woman in Australia stated that might start martial law soon there. I hope everything will be back to normal within a week. I didn’t even go to the grocery store to hoard food and toilet paper for a month’s worth. I think Gumby and I have enough food for a week or so. I have enough toilet paper for maybe a month. 

I turned on my computer and went into IMVU. Even the CEO of IMVU sent a message about staying calm during this CoronaVirus crisis. All the internet games and chats are aware what is going on worldwide. 

I think lockdown started in my area until further notice…


What do you think?


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