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Spent a day at the park

June 8th ~ I spent the day at the park near my house where I have a very nice view of the Toronto skyline and lake Ontario. Also, there are many birds, including ducks, geese, gulls, sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and many others. I was sitting on a bench overlooking the lake and there was a bit of shade which was great. It was about 25 degrees Celsius which is good weather for relaxing.

Here is a photo of my view from the bench. I want even closer to the water but this one is from the grassy area.


What do you think?


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  1. Last night I watched volleyball between USA and Canada.I told my husband- Canada is a wonderful country … I would like to live there … by the Lake Ontario. Probably this would be my favorite place and a view of the city and the lake.


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