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Sometimes You Just Need to Sing at the top of your lungs

and then run for cover. When all is lost and I am so confused that I don’t know heads from tails, I make odd choices! I know they are odd. I know most won’t understand. Really this is for my sanity to make it just through this one day.  I will return here on occasion just to try and sort things out that have no real answers. You are welcome here any time.

Yes, I actually like it!


What do you think?

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  1. I agree in certain situations one just need to sing at the top of their lungs or sing very loud to drown out things that others do to bother them. The one bothering them may continue or stop for a minute and then start again. I have to put my TV up very loud if this above me is here and bothering me while working on the computer and watching TV at the same time.


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