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Someone Protected Me

I am not sure what happens or has happened with other people’s posts. I can share what happened with one of mine. One writer went off and called me horrible names and was very inappropriate. There were over 20 on one post.  I didn’t see what had been said in the beginning. All I knew is that someone had been on my post and reported a whole bunch of comments. 

A week or so later the person who reported the comments sent me an email with all the ugly things that had been said about me. So the reason this person reported the comments on my post was to protect me from seeing all of those horrible things, lies about me on the site. At first, I was very angry, and now I am just grateful. 

As I said, I know nothing about the posts of others, but I would rather assume that someone was trying to protect than trying to hurt someone.  

After I read what was said I was grateful to lose the virils and not be publically shamed and lied about.  For me, the person who hit that report button all those times was my knight in shining armor. I had not written, seen or responded to anything. The person finally just sent me a private message and showed me why it was done. Eternally grateful.


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  1. That was great that you had such protection Personally I don’t understand why we cannot all get along. If someone doesn’t like what another has written don’t follow that person anymore a or something like that. I hate people who call other names and things like that. I am glad that it ended so well. Sorry, it had to happen to you though.

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