She runs hard to raise money for her students in Virginia

Louisa County (Virginia) High School teacher Katharine Fletcher could be nicknamed “Wonder Woman” after her goal to raise money for the students at the high school where she teaches English by running around the school track 100 miles which is the equal of 400 laps around the track that began on Monday morning at 8:30 am local time and ended on Tuesday 11 am local time.

The run was part of the annual Lions Pride Run which raises money for students to assist them pay for their education to attend college via scholarships and assist the improvements of students who are studying to be journalists in the near future.

Fletcher has participated in these marathon runs at Louisa County High School for the last three years since it is her way of giving back to her students the knowledge of what her knowledge of what she knows of life to prepare her students for the real world after graduation.

Katharine prepared to run for her amazing marathon run that started yesterday and ended on Tuesday morning with the assistance of the website Go Fund Me was able to raise around $12,000 dollars.

If anyone wants to make a donation to the Go Fund Me website to assist the students at Louisa High School, they will accept more donations at this time.

There is a saying that goes “If you love what you do, it is not extremely hard work.” Fletcher is a huge fan of making marathon runs which makes her a very valuable teacher on the Louisa County High School payroll.

To borrow a line from the late Donna Summer who had a hit record in 1983 called “She Works For The Money” I am sure the late Diva could sing a song about Katherine that could be called “She Runs Hard For The Money.”


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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    • Katharine is one great teacher for cares for her students. It is a shame that the media like to carry teachers scandals instead of the great deeds that they do.

    • Thank you Lacho59 since it is hard to find good news from the news media in this nation. My sources include Good News, Sunny Skyz and some of the sites that send me some good news to report on this site.