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A Buena Vista police officer rescues a dog from a burning building

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A bittersweet story from Buena Vista Virginia that happened on Palm Sunday started when a fire in a home in Buena Vista Virginia went in flames.

Lovie Anderson who lives in the home that went up in flames along with her husband were inside the home when it caught fire.

However Buena Vista (Virginia) police officers Lieutenant Rand Chittum and his partner Officer Jacob Moore arrived to assist the couple before the Buena Vista Fire Department arrived to put out the fire, were able to get Lovie out of her home safe and sound to the outside of the home.

Lovie then told Officer Moore that her pet dog Zoey and her husband were still inside the burning home when Office Moore risked his life to enter a smoke filled room to rescue Zoey to the safety while he had his body camera to film the rescue of the dog.

Then Lovie’s husband who was inside on the first floor was rescued by the police officers before the firefighters arrived to put out the fire that destroyed the house.

Even though Lovie and her husband lost their home due to the fire that is being investigated by the authorities, a Go Fund Me site is raising money so the Andersons can find a new home.

It is one thing for a tragic event like losing a home is painful, but having everyone alive after the tragic event happened  on Palm Sunday is better than losing the lives of a dog or the couple.


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    • I really enjoyed sharing it in this site. Heroes like these two police officers assisting the people they took an oath to serve and protect are doing their job.