Waffle House hero raises money to assist the families of the deceased

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This story is bittersweet since four patrons lost their lives in the infamous Nashville Tennessee Waffle House shooting on April 22, 2018.

The silver lining in the dark cloud in that tragic event that happened at Waffle House restaurant was that James Shaw Junior risked his life to wrestle the rifle from the gunman which prevented more patrons from being rubbed is being called a hero.

James decided to assist the families of the shooting victims by getting on the charity website to raise money to assist the survivors of the tragic event at the Waffle House.

To show why that in the times of darkness, there are many people around the globe who donated money to the charity site that as of Monday, the amount of money raised by the efforts of James is around $227,000 dollars.

The request for money to assist the families of the deceased patrons and the wounded ends of May 13, 2018.

The money that was raised to assist the families of the victims of the Waffle House tragedy will be given to the relatives as compensation for the loss of their loved one to ease their pain of their loss.

James showed us that not only he is a brave young man who prevented the suspect who shot the customers at the Waffle House from taking any more lives but he is a very generous young man who should be rewarded by his employer which is the Waffle House with either a pay raise or a promotion at his job.


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  1. This guy is like an angel, he is one all of the news networks. It seems every day he is doing something else. We should all learn from this guy. We could all be like him and should try to be. He saved lives.