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For whatever reason there is a small community in Utah that has an alarming rate of suicides in one particular school. 

6 students died by suicide this year at Herriman High!

As near as they can tell these were no related in any way expect that they all attended the same school. Because of the high number parents, teachers, and community are trying to bring awareness and prevent this happening with other students.  It is not something that most people even what to think about and still if it is not addressed, it won’t stop.

If you see the signs, rally and reach out. There is a moment when everyone questions decisions. Look for those moments. Give a person a smile. Let others know they are valuable.

In our little local newspaper a grandmother wrote to the editorial page something simple, plain and interesting. “Every time I say goodbye to someone when they leave my home I assume they are thinking about suicide and I give them love and hope as I say goodbye.”

Pretty smart Grandma I would say.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. It seems things have gotten very much out of hand in this country. With suicide and school shootings. And the government seems to not care one bit about any of this. The people have to make the changes. Maybe of we vote out the undesirable politicians we have, and elect better ones things could change.