A puppy gets rescued by firefighters and policemen in New Jersey

A puppy named Ozzy who is a small black dog can thank the South Wall New Jersey Firefighters and Wall Police Officers for saving his life when the puppy I guess out of curiousity decided to go under some boards outside a home on Marigold Avenue Wednesday morning.

My guess is that a concerned citizen could hear the cries of Ozzy as he was stuck underneath the boards of the home which was basically dirt underneath the puppy who was having a very difficult time trying to get out from underneath the boards of the home.

Wall Police Chief Greg Carpino reports that with the cooperation of Wall Police Officers Tom Dowd and Jack Gramlich with the assistance of firemen Chris Tamayo and Mark Pellecchia Junior managed to pull up the boards which was the trap where Ozzy was stuck so they could free the puppy dog in the nick of time.

Ozzy was saved from buying the farm thanks to the actions of the Wall Fire Department. It is not known if Ozzy was returned to his owner or did he have to visit a veterinarian to make sure he is okay.

Nevertheless the actions of the police officers and firemen in Wall Township New Jersey should be rewarded for doing their good deed of saving a puppy’s life which will not make the top story on the evening news but I am sure the police officers and firemen would simply say “They were just doing their job of protecting and serving their community.”

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