Proving What – 2

I have called him Ratty (in my mind) from the moment I met him. He had that kind of look. It wasn’t just the shape of his face, it was the way he acted. The furtive sneaking aura about him.

I was always polite and he should never think I knew, despite the clues he dropped.

Ratty had a kind of history which made his uncle despise him, his parents keep him at arm’s length.

Why his wife stayed is probably due to the fact she was a practicing Catholic. If she wasn’t she’d have bolted long ago. Regardless of the home, the money, the kids.

I always wonder if she knew, sometimes I was sure of it. Other times I felt she didn’t want to know.

I assume the antecedents were well known to her, as they were to us, and she had made up her mind to stick it out.

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