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Plenty of Votes ~ No conversation

I miss the conversations. It seems like most of the time in my little life I am talking to myself and and that is not comforting. I appreciate that people up vote and down vote my work. I am not sure that many are even taking the time to read it. 

It’s like when I have ask my family a question at the the dinner table and ten minutes later they say “What was that you were talking about?” 

It’s not a good feeling. So what’s the answer for me personally.  I am not certain. It may be a time when I simply go back to “write it and run”. I don’t enjoy doing that, and yet if writing is not a habit and something I don’t continue to do, it will set aside and left behind.

Perhaps there is no worth is what I am writing, it’s just a way to click and earn. I guess that is just fine as long as I understand that is what it is. Perhaps that is exactly where I am now. 

So it seems like the best thing to do would be ~ adjust. If that is the goal and what this is all about I need to hop on board and get with the program.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I’ve cute down time here because I’m preparing for a trip.
    Also, I’ve said in another comment that sometimes I really have nothing much to say or add. Or when what I truly heartfelt didn’t hit the 20 characters, I sometimes choose not to comment. There just are days that the “rebellious” side of me comes up and say, “I won’t add unnecessary characters just for the sake!” LOL

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