One Way Love – 3

Although it sounds impossible, I never got a chance to be alone with Daniel.  Never had a conversation. Ever. Although he was in a few of my classes we never sat together.

He was very good at soccer so was surrounded by boys from the team.  These were the kind of boys any girl would run from because they were foul mouthed and predatory.

When those boys weren’t there, he was moving quickly from class to class, or I couldn’t find him.

The only place Daniel existed was my mind.

Due to my fixation on Daniel I had no dates, and did not go to the Prom.  Instead my parents took me to dinner, and then a show at the theatre.

In September I went away to college and although there were boys and I did have a few minor dates, the image of Daniel stayed in the front of my mind.


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Written by jaylar

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