The Secret – 16

Marty had been my best friend.   I remember that night…

we were hanging out  at some insane bar  he’d dragged me to.  It was wild.  Too wild for my blood, but Marty was all over the place and I just got up and left.

The next day he asked me why I left and I asked him how he could stay.   He told me how he met this girl and they had sex in his car and all the dirty details, and it was in the middle of his story I thought about Julie.

“If I had Julie waiting for me…”  I began.

He waved a hand,  “So she waits…”

“Speaking of waiting, when’s the wedding?”

“Hopefully, the twelfth of Never…”


“Look Nick, some girls want what you want and you just jump into the back seat, and its all good.  Others need the whole ridiculous courtship version.”

So I’m looking at Marty, Marty who is living with the woman I love.  The woman I love, who loves him.  The woman I love, who loves him,  and whom I thought loved her.

He is engaged to marry the woman I love, but he’s just playing with her.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar