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One Heck of a Tongue Lashing

I got one heck of a tongue lashing today. If you are not familiar with the term here’s a simple definition “a loud or severe scolding”. Apparently my 89-year old relative is out living his life to the fullest today, or at least that is what I assume. My aunt called me because she called him and he didn’t answer. 

I reminded her that I live over 300 miles away from him and I assume he’s out shopping or perhaps having lunch with some friends. She was not satisfied with the answer. “He could be in real trouble.”

“Yes, he certainly could. He chooses to live where he does for a reason. He doesn’t want to live with any of us or even closer. Our phone numbers are at the house, in his wallet and in the car (he is not supposed to drive) in case for some reason things get out of hand. 

She then insisted that her name should be on the list of people to call. I just said, “Well the next time you get out that way go ahead and add it to the list if he will let you. He is in charge of his life and he likes it that way.”

I would be I will get several more calls today.  If it continues I guess I could recommend they call for a wellness check. I think he’s probably out and about doing Christmas shopping or having lunch. So people are obsessive worriers.


What do you think?


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  1. I can relate, Tony did not want any of his family to know where he lived or even call him. Every now and then he would call one ( the gossip) so he would spread that he was okay.

    If you want one piece of advice I can give it to you.

    Stop answering the phone, does wonders for our lives.

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