The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part VI

Eric Stern approached his boss, and almost demanded his due vacation.

He had planned to ask for his two weeks now, instead of next month. He had a few lies ready in case questioned, but Mrs. Pillar, his boss, didn’t even glance up from her computer, told him to start Monday, he’d get his vacation pay on Friday.

He hadn’t expected it to be so easy. But then he was due, and there was no reason to dispute.

Eric returned to his desk, feeling rather elated. He would get his pay in advance which meant he could use the money to book a room at the Motel.

What puzzled him was where did Anne get money to take herself and Heidi to the Caribbean?  He called the bank, she’d put it on the Credit Card.

Well, if she could create this debt for him,  he could spend every cent of his two weeks pay to stay at a Motel less than a hundred miles away.

The idea of the vacation gave him focus and he began packing on Thursday evening. He wanted  to leave after work on Friday there was a rain storm and he spent that night at home.

Eric was on the road as the sun was rising, and was making great time. He looked forward to Lake George as it was peaceful.

He had not yet sorted out what had happened; how was it he could leave home Monday morning for work, with no hint given, and return to an empty house,  and a note. What happened to make his wife and daughter run away to the Caribbean without a word to him?

He’d consider this during his two weeks hiatus.


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Written by jaylar

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