Catching Karma – 16


Marie held herself in an enforced posture;  left the hospital and went home to her Condo, to finish the packing. She played music to drown out her thoughts.   She did her yoga before going to bed.

When she woke she insured the electricity and gas were off;  all doors and windows were locked, that everything was safe.

She rang her daughter, Steffie, left a message that she was going to the airport now and that where she was destined had ‘ify’ connections so that she might be out of contact for a time.  Steffie was not to worry if she didn’t hear from her.  She left a similar message on her son, Craig’s phone.

Then she drove  her car to a garage where it was to be completely service, and caught a taxi to the airport.

Marie would think of nothing and no one but herself, her destination and the moment.

Marie forced herself to live in the moment.


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Written by jaylar

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