Catching Karma – 7

It was nine months since Charley had left. She was herself, in her own life. She had her own venues and outings.

She was trying a new restaurant when she heard a woman call, ‘Charley, honey, over here!”

When Marie glanced up, she saw a woman twenty years younger than she, and ‘her’ Charley walking over.

Her Charley.


He wasn’t her Charley any more. He was that woman’s Charley.

Marie lost her appetite. She wanted to spring up and run out of the restaurant. Then what? Go home and cry? Wonder?

Finding confidence, she rose and walked towards the ladies room, and Charley saw her, called her name.

She came over with a flat smile, and he introduced her to Rose.

Marie didn’t say, ‘Nice to meet you…”

“Charley, I’ve started divorce proceedings, this is my lawyer’s card, so you can call him and speed it along.”

He didn’t expect her to say that! It was written all over him.

She felt a stab of victory, of power, and then said; “Excuse me…”  and went to the bathroom.

Yes, it hurt to know he’d left her for Rose but also gave her a few steps up that she had begun to divorce him and made it clear, by that sentence and the gift of the business card, that she WANTED a divorce.


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Written by jaylar