Catching Karma – 2

Marie had sank onto the sofa last night, when she realised her husband of thirty years had left her. She had sat in a stupor until the phone rang.

It was her assistant, asking where she was. She said;“Charlie left me.”

It thirty minutes three of her coworkers were in her living room, food was being prepared, and finally, by eleven a.m she was able to get up, and go to bed.

Her friends straightened up her house and left, while Marie slept for a few hours, then woke, and cried. She cried until she fell back to sleep.

She woke again about two a.m.

Marie decided to pull it together, and get to the office and try to find some sense, some balance, and recapture who she was before Charlie left.

It wouldn’t be simple, it wouldn’t be a nod of the head. But sitting in this empty house was only emphasizing her singularity.

Better to be at work and distracted then here and having absolutely nothing to do but remember.


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Written by jaylar

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