Catching Karma – 17


Marie wanted, needed,  to be in an isolated bubble. She needed to be beyond the drama of Charlie and Rose. It was not her business.  Charlie had ceased to be her business the day he had left her.  What path his life would take was away from hers.

There was no reason for him and his problems and decisions to encroach on her life.

She had a life.  She was not an appendage to Charley, she was a single woman with her own world and needed to concentrate on her world.

Marie boarded her plane, shut off her cell phone, and kept it off.  She did not think of her job or her life back home. She decided to feast on the experiences of the Caribbean, on the people she met.

She wanted to be that woman she had been, thirty years ago, with a life before her of promise and unknowns.

She wanted that ‘be here now’ sense she had long parked.

Right now, she wanted to savour every moment with nothing to disturb or distract her.


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Written by jaylar

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