Catching Karma – 13

Thirty years of marriage was tossed  in the rubbish. Charley had packed and left as if Marie was a bag of trash.

Marie had pulled herself together. She had focused on work. Then, on getting her own place. She appreciated her marriage, thirty years of her life, was erased so spoke to a lawyer. She used the word divorce, a word she had never thought of.

She decided to sell the house she had lived with Charley, the house they had raised their children and move into a small condo.

It had taken Marie a bit over a year to pull herself together. To go from mindless mourning,to surviving to living..

Thirty years of marriage, and her husband Charley just leaves. Sells his business, cashes in his retirement package, and leaves. Leaves without an explanation, even a note.

And she, on her own, put her life together, moved from functioning to experiencing to being.

And now, just as she was planning a vacation, she hears from her daughter, that Charley’s girl friend is dying of an  incurable disease.

What was she supposed to do?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. I don’t get why do you always talk about karma when talking about divorce! Maybe the divorce was her karma from something she did in the past! Stop blaming the people who want to change something in their lives! There must have been a reason!

    • REally?
      So you don’t see the strange fact that the Husband leaves the wife, has a girl friend and that girl friend is suffering a serious disease?

      YOu don’t see the pay back yet?

      • hahha what if the divorce was a karma for the girl? What if she did something really bad in the past? I’m sorry but I don’t get the karma in here!! I am totally against divorce, but much more against suffering with the wrong person till the end!!! I only see karma in the first case, when the girl was left alone!

        • A man is married for 30 years, then ups and leaves. The wife puts herself together. She sees him with another woman months later. She gets the divorce. She is going on with her life; then finds out the woman is dying. The woman her husband left her for, is dying.

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