Not The Usual Story – 16

When I arrived home and Bryan’s car was not there and I knew the end was in sight. He might feel he was getting ‘too close’ to me, or he might have met somebody, and like an unfaithful husband couldn’t ‘face’ me, so would try to avoid my company.

I decided to ‘nap’, so went to my room. I woke up eight hours later at just past five a.m. actually feeling rested.

For no sensible reason I put on a track suit, jogged about a quarter of a mile, then back, feeling about ten years younger.

As I entered, I went to the fridge, grabbed the orange juice, drank from the bottle, as I usually did, for I usually lived alone.

It was after a few swallows, when  I had put the juice back in the fridge that I remembered I didn’t live alone; not yet.


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Written by jaylar